Friday, December 21, 2012


Hey guys (and gals) so I promised an update on my speech and debate tournament so here it is. I competed in a total of three events over two days. Lincoln Douglas Debate (or LD). This is a values debate and I got 12th place and a green check mark. That means that I am halfway to qualifying to NITOC (kind of like the Superbowl for Speech and Debate) in LD. I also did Parliamentary debate which is molded after the British Parliament. This is where each team (consisting of two people) has 15 minutes to create a debate case on the topic that was given at the beginning of prep time. This could be about a value (Resolved Freedom is more important than Security), policy (This House Would significantly Increase the use of Alternative energy), fact (Another Hiroshima is inevitable) or it could be a metaphor (Resolved: The Grass is Greener in Asia). Sides are decided at random so sometimes you debate something you don't agree with. My partner and I got 5th and a green check mark. The last event I competed in was Extemp. This is where you get a question about the news that you have to answer. You have 30 minutes to create a 7 minute speech in that I got 14th and a green check mark.

One of my mentos Cassie got THIRD in LD at her first tournaments!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of her. Karlyn got 2nd in Mars Hill and Reesey got 3rd in Apologetics. I am so proud of everyone!

(Sorry guys instead of publishing it just saved this post as a draft.)