Sunday, March 16, 2014

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

General Synopsis:
      Delirium by Lauren Oliver is a dystopian novel in which Love is a disease and the government has found a cure for it. When you are 18 you get the cure which removes all love from you, turning you into an compliant apathetic citizen and Lena, the main character, can't wait to have the procedure. The thing is when you take away love you also take away passion. A child could fall and scream and cry and no one would go to help him/her because they know s/he will be ok eventually. But there are those who resist and live in the Wilds, the area outside of the fences. This story follows Lena and her struggle to realize that love isn't a disease but a blessing.

Quality Rating: 4 1/2 Book
     This is a page turning first book which I thoroughly enjoyed. I finished this book in two or three days. I was very well written and there was one part where I gasped out loud (earning some curious/concerned looks from the other people in the room) and parts where my breath quickened. If you like dystopian then you will love this book. I am eager to read the next book Pandemonium.

Content Rating: 3 Books*
     There are some problems with this book content wise. It is implied that Alex and Lena sleep together and are very intimate and there is quite a bit of language in the last half of the book. Those two factors led me to give it three books. I will explain it in more detail a little further down.

Age Scale: (Again parents you know your children better than I do this is just a general guide)
      0-11: High Caution: this is defiantly a YA book and is not appropriate for young children
      12-15: Medium Caution
      16+: Low caution.

Positive Elements:
    This is a story about the importance of love and how it conquers all. Another theme is truth and how important it is to pursue and protect it. Throughout Delirium the consequence of not thinking for yourself are very clear and pretty realistic. I feel that this is one of the most philosophical dystopians I have read to date. For those of you who don't like philosophy never fear they are underlying themes.

Language: 2 Books
      Like I said earlier the language doesn't really start until half way through the book and if I am not mistaken the most popular swear words are used at least twice through out the book.

Romance: 3 Books
     It is implied that Alex and Lena sleep together and are very intimate but this is a fleeting reference. There are many kisses shared between these two character but most of them are sweet kisses.

Violence: 4 Books
         There was some intense violence and some of it was graphic but the reason I didn't take away more books is because the amount of violence and depth of description is necessary for the plot and the over all feel of the book. If you are super squeamish or can't stand violence in books this is probably not a book for you.

Alcohol/Smoking: 4 1/2 Books
     At one point Lena recalls the day when her and Hana (her best friend) got drunk.

     There are several mentions of a Judeo-Christian-ish God and it appears that the main character believes in God however this particular believe seems out of place. She doesn't quite believe in a personal God but he isn't a fully scientific God either...I am just kinda confused on this aspect.

Magic: N/A 

*Note I am still trying to figure out the system for content stars. Right now I am just going with my gut but soon I will have a more consistent. If you have any questions about my rating system let me know in the comments.