Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Pick for A Non-Fiction Read

For my 2015 Reading Challenge one of the categories is Non-Fiction. The book I chose is.....


Are you ready???

I'm super excited to read this book. It follows five American piolets who were tasked with flying 'The Hump' and ended up crashing in Tibet. I got this on my Nook for super cheap. Here is the Goodreads link: 

In other news I finally finished Anna Karenina!!! Not only is it immensely satisfying to read a book that long but the story was fantastic! I love the way Tolstoy explored all aspects of life in Russia during that time. It's one of those books you could spend an entire semester discussing and still not cover everything. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

2015 A Year of Amazing Covers and Exciting New Releases

     The longer this year goes on the more excited I become in terms of Young Adult Fiction. I've already done a list of book I am looking forward to this year (found here) but as the year goes on that list grows longer and longer and longer and longer. There are so many good books being released this year and it makes me excited for the future of YA. I'm seeing more adults in the YA section picking up books and the YA displays in my local B&N are scattered throughout the store. But not only are there amazing books coming out but their covers are stunning. Breath taking covers are becoming a norm as the market for YA grows and this makes both me and my shelves incredibly happy. Epic Reads is almost done with their fall cover reveals and I take my hat off to all the amazing cover designers because the cover lust is real. Here are some of my favorite book covers of books being released in 2015.

I love this cover and I think it really reflects the blurb and draws me to the book. And it's just beautiful.  Dreamland comes out September 22. Soooo far away.


Ok so first Rae Carson writing historical fiction with elements of fantasy...ummm YES PLEASE. This cover is beautiful. When I first saw it I looked at it for a solid ten minutes before I finally managed to close the tab. The book comes out the same day as Dreamland. 


Ok so apparently this book has been out in Australia for a very long time buuuut us American's have to wait and honestly we get a much better cover. I love the colors and balance of this cover. I can't wait to see what it looks like on my shelf. Plus it's Garth Nix it has to be good. The book comes out Oct 13 one day after I turn 19 but let's not think about that. 


I never thought any cover could top A Thousand Pieces of You (the first book in the trilogy) but this cover is gorgeous. The first book is my lock screen this cover is my home screen on my phone. It comes out in November and I can't wait till it sits next to the first one on my shelf!


I will let this cover speak for itself. Comes out April 28th.


Fairy Tale retellings are becoming incredibly popular and this is a Cinderella retelling that I am super excited for. I love the steampunk theme and colors in this cover. This book comes out August 4.


Ok so I haven't read The Murder Complex but this cover for the second book (which comes out April 21) is amazing. 


Ok so I'm not usually a fan of contemporaries buuuut this one sounds really intriguing and I love the cover sooooo much. It's simple but beautiful. This one comes out June 16.


Granted these are not all of the beautiful covers that will be gracing our shelves this year but they are just a few of my favorites. What are your favorites? What beautiful covers did I miss? What books are you excited for this year? 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Update on My 2015 Reading Challenge

     So far this year has not been a good reading year. I started off the year in a major reading slump and I am currently five books behind on my goodreads challenge. *sigh* I finished Madman's Daughter and have also finished my book for the category "Read a book with a non-human character." For this category I chose Cinder by Marissa Meyer which is a fantastic retelling of Cinderella. I'm re-reading the series because Cress finally came out in Paperback and I have it just waiting for me to read it. I am still working on Anna Karenina...I still love it but man it is so stinkn' long. Right now, in addition to Anna Karenina I am also reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (book 2 in the Lunar Chronicles series). I'm going to Taylor on Saturday so I'll have some time on the plane to read. I'm hoping to have some reviews up soon either on my YouTube Channel or my blog but we'll see what happens.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

14 Days of Fictional Swooning: What Fictional Couple Would I Plan a Double Date With + Giveaway

     Welcome to day 8 of 14 Days of Fictional Swooning. We are more than half way done with this awesome blog hop and I have really enjoyed reading everyones posts. If you are just joining us there is still time to participate in the giveaways and there is still much Fictional Swooning to be done. If you are a little confused go to this post for more (and important) information. Also if your just joining us you should go back and read all the posts already published. I can wait...go ahead.
     There are many swoon worthy guys in fiction and even more squeal worthy coUples. Picking one fictional couple to double date with is difficult to say the least. I mean I could go classic (who doeSn't love Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy????), or contemporary (GUs and Hazel, enough said). There are plenty of amazing couple in fantasy and dystopian literature but who to choose.
  I must be quiTe honest...I have never been on a date. Ever. I only have a basic idea of how daTes work but that doesn't stop me from dreaMing of the perfect date. A double date sounds awesome but only if my date and I get along with the other couple. That narrows it down just a tad. After much thoughT I decided that I would plan a double date with Percy Jackson and Annabeth ChaSe from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. They are one of my favorite coUples in literatures especially after the Hero's of Olympus series. 
   Annabeth and I are extremely similar and I think we would get along quite well plus it's PercabeTh!!! Who doesn't love Percabeth??? I think if I were to plan a dOuble date with Annabeth and Percy the date would probably consist of something outdoorsy and then dinner (which of courSe would be served with blue soMething or another) and maybe a movie. 

  Ok now on to the giveaways. There will be one big giveaway with the 14 DaYs of Fictional Swooning blog hop. This consists of an AMazon gift card, a book-ish bracelet and some other things. NoTe that my phrase for the scavenger hunt is hidden somewhere on this page. Piece together the pUzzle and get extra entries. Here's the clUe:

Find the letters that seem oUt of place 
It's kinda hard you might have to chase. 
Look for themes 
And discover my scheme. 
Numbers matter as much as letters.
 I horrible at riddles, can't you tell. 
I'll stop rhyMing before you yell.

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Pride and Prejudice
I will be giving away a copy of Pride and Prejudice by the queen of love stories herself Jane AUsten. This iS one of my favorite love stories and I absolutely love this edition. The winner will be announced after the blog tour endS.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much to Jamie and Meg and Kassiah for leTTing me participate in this blOg hop. And y'all should check out their blogs because they are fantastic. Below I have posted a schedUle for the 14 Days of Fictional Swooning and a link to their blogS. There are some really amazing blogs on here so you should check all of them out.

14 Days of Fictional Swooning Schedule