Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Big Announcement

Drum roll please.........I am going to ENGLAND next summer! Or at least that is the plan. All I have to do is raise money for a plane ticket (who knew flying overseas was so expensive...oh right everyone). We have a place to stay and food is mostly taken care of as a friend of mine has relatives down in England. I have always wanted to travel and lately the feeling has been getting incredibly strong. Both my friend and I will be sacrificing movies, new books, and I will probably not be able to go to a Speech and Debate Tournament in Washington like I had planned. Oh and my poor camera which I have been trying to save up for is put on the back burner...again. But honestly even though there will be something I may miss out on it is ENGLAND!!! There is so much we both have to learn before going (like how to take public transportation over long distances while avoiding creeps) but luckily we have some parents who are experienced world travelers to teach us everything we need to know. I AM SOOOOO EXCITED. I can't wait to experience all of the history and culture of England. And I am totally looking forward to all the amazing tea we will be drinking. Hopefully we will be able to get some writing done in really cool places. Here is what we are planning to do in order to raise money:

  • Save all of our allowance and birthday money (an obvious and relatively easy thing to do)
  • Extra Chores (not glamorous but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do)
  • Chores for other people 
  • We are going to sell Pop Art, Necklaces, and various other (cheap-ish) homemade objects
  • This is the one I am most excited about. We are planning to host a Writers/Actors camp for kids 9-12 and 13-15. We will talk about the basics of writing a short story and fundamental acting stuff. The writers camp will be headed by me while the acting camp will be headed by my friend. The lessons will parallel as we will have one in the morning and one in the afternoon. For example when we talk about Character development in Writing we will talk about all the aspect of getting into character in Acting
I will be keeping you guys updated on the process and if you guys have any fundraiser suggestions please let me know.