Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Power of Remembering

My first year in speech and debate I felt like a third wheel. No one really knew me or paid attention to me and the only way they would is if I was hanging out with one of my friends. Even then I didn't feel included in the conversation. Or so I thought. The next year we had our first club meeting of the year and Kaitlin one of the girls I had come to admired in the last year (and still do) came up to me gave me a hug and said "Hey Lauren how was your summer". That simple sentence left me speechless and made my hear soar. She remembered my name and actually cared how my summer went! It happened once more that day and I felt important like I was really worth being noticed. To this day when someone remembers my name, a speech I did, or asks how my Extemp or debate round went, especially those who I admire, I feel content and happy. Just simply remembering someones name can wash away some of the self doubt people have. At this last tournament I set out to make people feel the same way and give them a chance to express their frustrations. Anytime I passed someone in the hallway whose name I knew or who I recognized, I asked them how their round went or just said hi. Did it make a difference? Who knows but because of those people who remembered my name I have wanted to make sure no one feels like they are beneath notice. God created everyone with such amazing talents and unique personality quirks and they are all worth noticing and getting to know. Don't underestimate the power for saying hi to someone because sometimes it works wonders and can lead to amazing relationships. 

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