Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2015 Reading Challenge

     So this year a friend of mine said she was going to do a reading challenge for 2015 and I decided to join in. I will be recording the challenge here with the books I read and what category they fit under. There are a total of 52 books on this list. I'm hoping to read 70 books next year which is only three books more than this year but as I'm going off to college I can't increase it by too much. 
     Hopefully I will do a review either here or on my YouTube Channel. And I will defiantly keep you guys updated on the challenge. You can also check out my friends blog where she does reviews and whatnot. She will also be blogging about the challenge also except she is shooting to read 80 books. To the left is the 'rules' of the challenge if you want to join in. 

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